Application Scope:Extract high purity H2 from hydrogen-containing gas, such as coke-oven gas, coal gas, methanol tail gas, tail gas from ammonia synthesis, shift gas, another periodic off- gases and methanol cracking, ammonia decompounding, natural gas cracking, iol dry gas from catalytic cracking with many kinds of techniques.

Process Flows:Combine TSA, PSA and VPSA gas purification technique adapting to the local circumstances to provide users with most complete and economical technical solutions and high purity product and high recovery ratio.

Adsorption Tower:Use the latest structure with better gas distribution effect and less dead space of bed. The air flow is uniform inside with a reliable clamping device at the top of bed to prevent moving adsorbent vibration and pulverizat-ion. the structure are employed to get highet gas recovery tatio.

Adsorbent:Use exclusive PSA adsorbents and catalysts developed by Tianlan company and research institutions to produce high purity gas and increase the reliability of the equipments.


原料气 H₂≥20% (焦炉煤气、煤气、炼油干气等)
产品氢气 氢气纯度 0₂ 露点 CO₂ CO CH4 N₂
99.9~99.999% ≤5ppm ≤-60°C ≤1ppm ≤2ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm
产品氢气压力 0.5~3.0MPa(G) (可调)
产品氢气温度 常温
制氢装置规模 ~ 1 00000Nm³/h



Main performance index
Inlet gas H₂≥20% (coke-oven gas, coal gas, oil refining dry gas etc.
Outlet gas H₂ Purity 0₂ Dew point CO₂ CO CH4 N₂
99.9~99.999% ≤5ppm ≤-60°C ≤1ppm ≤2ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm
H₂ pressure 0.5~3. OMPa(G) (Ad jstable)
H₂ pemperature Noramltemperature
Capatity ~ 1 00000Nm³/h